Brothers and sisters share a unique bond and understand each other like no one else can. There is something to be said for growing up with the same weirdness and memories and history. And of course all of the inside jokes siblings have about their parents – I’m sure I’m providing lots of fuel for that fire!

But for autism siblings this goes even further, because they are so much more than brothers and sisters. They are protectors, therapists, friends, investigators, comforters, caregivers, mother’s helpers, and often the voice for their sibling with autism. They truly give up part of their childhood, just to share it with a sibling who also misses out on so much. They have had to learn hard lessons so early, and be stronger than children should have to be. They are our angels, and today I am giving a special shout out to all autism brothers and sisters!

autism siblings

My crew, a few years ago (but still one of my favorite pictures)

Christopher’s brother and sister are amazing with him and they don’t even realize it (or how much I appreciate it). They have never known a life without autism. This means so many sacrifices – going to therapists and doctors instead of parties and events, missing family functions or leaving early because Christopher can’t handle it, handling so much on their own because much of our time and attention (and all the money!) goes to Christopher’s needs. They stick up for Christopher and explain to people that “his brain just works different than yours!” They play with him and protect him, teach him new words and praise every success. They walk him into the house so that I can carry the groceries. For every big thing and every small thing, I am so grateful that they are there for Christopher and our family. I am sorry for everything they’ve had to give up and that I can’t give them a “normal” childhood. But I know that they are kinder, more accepting, and more compassionate people because of it. And I love them so very dearly.

See below why some more reasons why Autism Siblings are the best siblings in the world!

Happy Siblings Day!

To Kaley and Hannah:

You both have such an incredible amount of love for your little brother Cormac. You are constantly right by his side and understand him in a way no one else can. You sacrifice without regret and rarely complain about what you have had to go through due to autism. In fact it’s made you stronger and kept you humble. I am in awe of your hearts every single moment of every single day. I am beyond proud to be your mom. Cormac is an incredibly lucky young man.

Vanessa Surprise, Vista, California

To Ronan’s Siblings:

You are super siblings, and you are so amazing with Ronan. You may squabble with each other but you are always kind, caring and attentive to your brother. I pray you continue to be that way with him and toward him when you grow up. .

-Cathy Jameson, East Coast, USA

To my beautiful Rhonda:

I will be forever indebted to you for the pure love, joy and acceptance you have shown your little brothers throughout their entire childhood. The sacrifices you made to help us as a family were significant, not one went unnoticed. God knew twins with Autism was going to be tough… so he Blessed us with the best daughter and big sister anyone could fathom. I am truly honored to be your mother. I love you, with every ounce of my being.

Honey, West Chester, Pennsylvania

To Rob and Quinn:

We are so proud of how you always look out for each other, and are always kind and supportive no matter what is happening in our lives. You both bring so much light and love to the world, and we are proud to be your parents!

-Jon & Meg, Annandale, Virginia, Thinking Moms’ Revolution

To Bella:

Thank you for being a sweet and kind sister to Nathan and looking out for his diet when I am not around.

-Phil Langerholc, Willow Street, Pennsylvania

To Brooke and Paige:

You were dealt a tough card in life but at the end of the day you always step up to make sure your brother is safe, happy and loved. I could not ask for better sisters for Charlie. I am beyond proud of my two girls! I love ALL of you more than you could ever imagine!!

-Jill DiMichele, West Chester, Pennsylvania

To Kareena:

You have such a big heart and you are super patient. I know being an autism sibling isn’t easy and you have had to be the “older” sibling a lot of times when you are really younger than her brother. We credit YOU for getting your brother to speak ’cause you just didn’t accept his silence as an answer. We know it hasn’t been easy spending your days in offices and waiting rooms. But now you are a strong advocate for people with special needs, and are always ready to help a classmate and someone in need who just needs a helping hand. We couldn’t be more proud of you!

Simran, Orange County, California

To Holly:

You are a great sister to Mitch and Robin (both of whom have autism). You are such a kind and thoughtful girl. You always stands up for kids with special needs. When you grow up, you will be an amazing speech therapist. I love that you want “regular people” to be friendly and kind to families with autism, and say, “We need to get out and have fun like everyone else. It is upsetting when people stare at us and make rude remarks. If my brother says ‘Hi’ to you, say ‘Hi’ back! It took a really long time for him to be able to talk!”

Nancy, San Diego, California

To Hudson:

You came along as a surprise but what an amazing surprise you have been to our family. At the age of 3, you are already such a big help to Jordyn, cheering her on while also looking up to her as his big sister.

Jackie Moore, Atlanta, Georgia

Do you have or know an amazing autism sibling? Give a shout-out in the comments!

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