This past weekend was Christopher’s 10th birthday. I’ve written before about how his birthday makes me a little sad, but I’m drained enough already. So, this year I just wanted to wish my first baby a Happy Birthday and celebrate and write about Paleo Birthday Cakes.

Happy Birthday Christopher!

In my usual fashion, I got really excited about a big idea. Because Christopher was turning 10, I was going to make 10 awesome Paleo Birthday Cakes! It was going to be ah-mazing. My husband asked how we were going to eat 10 cakes. I told him since they were Paleo we could gobble them up without guilt and have cake for all meals of the day. That still didn’t explain how I was going to find the time, energy, space, talent, or equipment to make the 10 Paleo birthday cakes. So, this went the way of a lot of my ideas – like the time I was going to organize all of my mom’s photos, or every time I decide to clean the house. I need everything to be elaborate and perfect and then I get overwhelmed and abandon the whole idea leaving a big mess.

Christopher ended up with a cake made from a box mix with canned icing from Simple Mills.

Christopher’s not-so-homemade birthday cake


10 Yummy Paleo Birthday Cakes

But, I’m still excited about all the beautiful and delicious Paleo birthday cakes I found. Families with special diets – you don’t have to spend a million dollars at an allergy-friendly bakery! Here are 10 great Paleo birthday cakes that are free of gluten and grains, dairy, corn, artificial dyes and flavors, and refined sugar. Rejoice and try one of these 10 Paleo birthday cakes that I would have made if I was a better mother. And these look much prettier than if I had made them.

Famous Vanilla Cake

This recipe from Paleo Grubs is simple, classic, and delicious. It uses real vanilla seeds for a super rich flavor that is more than worth the extra effort. You can’t go wrong with this Paleo version of a favorite cake – this is the perfect birthday cake.

Paleo Chocolate Cake

I’m a sucker for a chocolate cake (who isn’t, right?), and this cake from My Natural Family satisfies is every way. Moist and decadent, this is another classic, perfect birthday cake. My mouth is watering…

Angel Food Cake

I’ve loved Angel Food ever since I was a little girl. My Nana used to make it and it was wonderfully light and delicious. I’ve been searching for a Paleo version for a long time now, so I was delighted to find this recipe at Deliciously Organic. It’s light and airy and fun to make with kids!

Pineapple Dreams Coconut Cake

If you want a cake that is a little more exotic, a cake that is gorgeous and impressive – you know, if you want to show off… here is your cake. Topped with dehydrated pineapple and toasted coconut, this amazing cake from Fresh Planet Flavor is as delicious as it is visually stunning.

Lavender Honey Cake

Another stunner, this cake from Sprouted Routes is so pretty it literally made my 5-year-old daughter swoon. She has already claimed it for her next birthday. Blackberry juice gives the cake a gorgeous purple hue and the buttercream is truly luscious!

Paleo Carrot Spice Layer Cake with Cashew-Coconut Buttercream

If you are a carrot cake fan (I am!),  you will love this to-die-for version from Wicked Good Kitchen. It is really hard to get a good dairy-free Paleo version of the beloved cream cheese icing of traditional carrot cakes. The cashew-coconut buttercream more than does the trick. That combined with the rich spices of the cake make this true food-porn.

Maple Pistachio Layer Cake

Plated With Style brings us this fabulous, sophisticated pistachio cake. The pistachio paste requires soaking and roasting the nuts, but the taste is truly worth the effort – you’ll savor every decadent bite of this cake that in no way feels like eating Paleo.

Orange Dream Cake

I am a huge fan of pairing chocolate with orange, so this cake from Au Naturale Nutrition is one of my faves. It’s simple to make so you can quickly whip it up for an every day snack. Or, use one of the optional topping suggestions for a birthday cake that is sure to please!

Paleo Italian Lemon Ricotta “Cheese”cake with Blueberry Sauce

Thank you Primal Bliss for a dairy-free cheesecake that really tastes like cheesecake! You will fully satisfy your cheesecake craving with this recipe. The secret is macadamia nuts. This cake is a winner and I’m drooling just thinking about it.

Paleo Lemon Cake with Lemon Curd and Meringue Frosting

If you think this cake from Cook It Up Paleo is impressive, please consider that it is a guest post recipe from a teenager! Color me beyond impressed! Light and fluffy, lemony and delicious, this cake will do any birthday party proud.

Birthday Cakes Throughout The Years

I am not the best cook or baker (which is why I write about it – so you can know that if it is possible for me to create healthy and delicious food for my family, so can you!). Here are a few photos on my healthy birthday cake journey from over the years.

One of my first attempts at gluten-free baking. This cake probably wasn’t the healthiest thing (I’m sure those sprinkles are loaded with sugar!). I think this was called a “Depression Cake” – like from the Great Depression, when food was so scarce. There are two layers but no eggs, so it’s still only about an inch high! My dad was brave enough to try it and said it tasted “fudgy.”


This was my almond flour phase. One had peaches and the other was some sort of pear turnover. These cakes tasted a lot like bagels with fruit on them. I remember having a lot left over, but they were good for breakfast.


This was one of my favorite cakes and I still make it all the time. It’s a GAPS-legal chocolate cake with ganache frosting.  It’s super chocolaty and yummy (and I made a bundt cake because, well, I have a bundt pan).


The cakes now have come a long way from my early days. These were really good too. The one on the left is a grain-free banana cake. On the right is a cinnamon cake (I can’t remember where the recipe is from). Both were (finally!) big hits. And there’s that bundt pan again.)


Happy Celebrating (birthday or not)!

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