Looking for easy and inexpensive Halloween decorations and fun holiday ideas? This Eyeball Wreath fits the bill perfectly. I got the idea to make this last Halloween after I saw it on No. 2 Pencil and I ordered the ping pong balls and some googly eyes, but then never got around to it. After a year of carrying googly eye packets in my purse, I finally decided that an unseasonably warm October weekend was the perfect time to put this together with my kids. I didn’t have that website up in front of me, so we decided to just wing it and it still turned out pretty good. So, here is our version.


Halloween Eyeball Wreath


Stuff We Used


  • Wreath (I used a green foam floral wreath like this one because I had a bunch leftover from the summer I drank a lot of wine and decided to make cork wreaths but never got around to it. I just got mine, which were 12-inches, from my local craft store. Of course you can get them on Amazon and in any size you want.)


    I’m shocked our green foam floral wreath lasted long enough to do this craft.

  • Old T-shirt, or something white (ribbon, fabric, or whatever) to wrap the wreath in for any areas your eyeballs won’t cover. If you use a white wreath, you probably don’t even need to cover it with anything.


    My husband will probably be looking for this T-shirt later…

  • Glue gun (We already have two mini glue guns. My kids were pretty trigger-happy and we did use a lot of glue sticks, so make sure you’re stocked.)


    His left hand might be glue to the wreath.

  • Ping pong balls (Okay, the ones I ordered are technically called Beer Pong Balls, but I swear I ordered them for this wreath. I got this pack of 144 and it was exactly the right amount. If you are using a wreath larger than 12 inches, you might want to order more balls.)


    Sadly, no ping pong balls were left over for beer pong.

  • Googly eyes (I picked mine up at the local craft store, but this pack of assorted sizes is a great price and more than you’ll possibly need for anything.)
  • Wreath hanger (I just used the one we use for our Christmas wreath.)


What We Did


  1. The first thing I did was cut up my husband’s old T-shirt into strips. Then I wrapped them around the wreath until it was all white, hot gluing the ends of each strip. Again, if you have a white wreath, you can totally eliminate this whole step.


    Our mummified wreath

  2. Then, I left my kids glue the ping pong balls onto the wreath. This was the most annoying part. They definitely didn’t space the ping pong balls the way I would have (I had to convince them that there was no need to make it 5 rows deep, and I did a little reorganizing). My oldest son, who has autism, kept stealing the ping pong balls. And they all kept touching the hot part of the glue gun. This part should take you about 20 minutes. It took us about 2 hours.

    Putting my kids to work

    TIP* Make sure there is a spot on the back where the wreath isn’t overwhelmed with ping pong balls and can hang on the hanger.


    Controlling mom tried not to reorganize too many ping pong balls

  3. Now comes the fun part. Use the glue gun to put just a dab of glue on the back of each googly eye and attach one to each ping pong ball.


    Our completed Eyeball Wreath

  4. Then hang it on the door for spooky surprise!


    I always feel like somebody’s watching me!

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