You’ll love 100% pure, therapeutic grade essential oils from Young Living!

After hearing great things about how essential oils were helping children with autism, I began researching their chemistry, history, and uses. I was surprised at how effective and versatile they are! Now essential oils have replaced most of the items in my medicine cabinet, as well as my cleaning and beauty products.

Want to try Young Living Oils? Follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to the Young Living Member Sign-Up page.
  2. Check the radio button to sign up as a Wholesale Member (because you get a 24% discount with no further obligation).
  3. Enter my member ID 1751966 for the Sponsor and Enroller.
  4. Enter your info and select a Username, Password, & PIN.
  5. Choose your starter kit.
  6. Select “No, thank you” for the Essential Rewards kit option— you don’t need to commit to anything at this time (and you can always sign up later if you want to).
  7. Complete the process by agreeing to the terms and confirming your information.

*BONUS* If you sign up using my member # and order the premium starter kit, I’ll send you a free bottle of essential oil! Each month, I feature a specific oil in my monthly newsletter (sign up to receive my monthly newsletter here). You will receive the oil featured the month you sign up as a bonus gift from me.

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