We are in the midst of Fashion Week! Not news to you autism moms. I’m sure that it is your ultimate priority in between therapy sessions and cooking allergy-friendly meals and cleaning up poop. Right?

Gauche Faux-ture: Fashion Week, Autism Style

Clearly, I’m kidding. If you don’t have time to peruse the fashion blogs, they seem to be filled with very accessorized shiny haired pretty people gazing off reflectively into the distance, or at their shoes, with a knowing smile. So, in honor of Fashion Week, I’m paying homage to the beautiful people – autism style! So, if you are more Walmart than Wolford these days, this is for you.

Note: these photos are typically taken outside. The wind chill is making it -6 degrees (yes, that’s a negative), so that’s not happening. Gone not only are the days when I looked pretty and well-dressed, but also when I would suffer to do so.

Autism Style Essentials

Autism Fashion Week outfit

And now (for your amusement) – some quintessential fashion blog poses…

Fashion Week Autism 1

I’m gazing into the distance, reflecting on all the laundry I have to do…


I’m so exhausted, I just fell asleep up against the wall.


This is my “lean against the wall like a hooker” pose. But, not a trashy hooker. You know, a classy hooker, like Pretty Woman.


And here’s MAGNUM! Or is it BLUE STEEL?


I needed to do one of those mirror selfies. I call this one ‘Suburban Chaos: A Dirty Room in a Dirty Mirror.’

I would like to especially thank Zoolander and Derelique for making autism moms stylish haha!

Très Primarni!

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