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My start in getting oily…

I knew that essential oils smelled nice, but I didn’t start using them to support my family’s wellness until autism came into our world. After hearing great things about how essential oils were helping children with autism from online friends, in autism support communities, and in my favorite blogs, I began researching their chemistry, history, and uses. I was surprised at how effective and versatile they are! Now essential oils have replaced most of the items in my medicine cabinet, as well as lots of my cleaning and beauty products. Now essential oils are my go-to first line of defense. I love creating essential oil health and beauty recipes for my family and friends, and they are always surprised at how well they work. Plus, they smell AH-MAZING! Even my house smells good now ha-ha. I also love sharing what I learn about essential oils and converting all of my friends into oil addicts.

What are essential oils anyway?

An essential oil is a volatile aromatic substance derived from plants (flowers, trees, herbs, shrubs, bushes, seeds, etc.) that is extracted primarily through steam distillation. The distillation process makes them highly concentrated and therefore very potent. Essential oils have a variety of uses and can enhance your emotional and physical well-being.

How do you use essential oils?

When I first heard about essential oils years ago (way before I became an oil fiend) , I didn’t really understand what to do with them. Do you rub it on something? Smell it? Drink it? The most common ways that oils are used are:

  • Topically – Oils can be applied neat or diluted in a carrier oil (like coconut or almond oil). If you are an oil novice, the bottom of the feet is a very safe and effective place to apply essential oils.
  • Diffused – Putting a few drops of an essential oil into a diffuser, usually with water, is a great way to purify the air and make your home smell great!
  • Internally – Yes, some oils can be ingested, but only those that are specifically labeled as Food-Grade or as a Dietary Supplement. Ingesting an oil that is not for internal use can be dangerous, so be extremely cautious. Some examples of how Young Living essential oils can be taken orally are a drop of lemon oil in water and a drop of basil oil in soup or spaghetti sauce. *If you are not using Young Living brand, you need to make sure that the oil is indeed Food-Grade!
  • Blended – I love using essential oils to make my own cleaning products, beauty products, and lots more. Once you see how versatile essential oils are, the possibilities are endless!

Why Young Living brand?

I use Young Living essential oils for my family because they are guaranteed for purity and potency. Young Living’s Seed to Seal process ensures the highest qualities therapeutic-grade essential oil. Most other brands are labeled as “Perfume-Grade” and are cheaply distilled and cut with synthetic substances that can make them ineffective and even dangerous. So, whenever I talk about essential oils, I am talking about Young Living exclusively. I cannot personally vouch for the quality, efficacy, or safety of any other brand.

Want to give Young Living essential oils a try?

Once you try Young Living essential oils, you’ll never look back. If you want to give them a try, all of the instructions for signing up with Young Living can be found here.

Thank you for sharing our oily adventure. I hope you enjoy the essential oil information on (some of my favorite oil tips are below). Wishing you peace and wellness.
XO Joanna

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Getting Started with Essential Oils

Getting Started with Essential Oils

You’ll love 100% pure, therapeutic grade essential oils from Young Living! After hearing great things about how essential oils were helping children with autism, I began researching their chemistry, history, and uses. I was surprised at how effective and versatile...


My autism journey has changed the way I live and care for my family. I am passionate about nontoxic products, natural remedies, grain-free nutrition, essential oils, and healing the symptoms known as autism. This is a space for anyone aspiring toward cleaner, healthier living. XO Joanna

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