Essential Oils For The School Year

Essential Oils For The School Year

Maybe you are super sad to see the summer end and are tearily putting your little ones on the bus each morning. Or maybe you doing a happy dance as you push them out the door. Either way, the school year is busier, more hectic, and more structured. You are no doubt juggling homework, lunches, sports and activities, forms for field trips, box tops, book orders, dental reports, and don’t forget the artwork – the list is endless. You do all this (with a smile and – usually – without a drink) because you are Super Woman. But we can all use a little help. You will love these essential oils for the school year.

Focus Pocus

It can be difficult for kids to sit still and concentrate at school (and then it can be even worse when they finally get home and it’s time for homework). Enter three of my favorite essential oils for the school year – Lavender, Vetiver, and Cedarwood. This is the blend my son nicknamed ‘Focus Pocus’ and we use it daily. I put about 20 drops of each oil in a 15-ml oil bottle, fill it up with a carrier oil (I use sweet almond), and pop on a roller top. Then I just roll up the spine, on the big toes, or the bottoms of their feet.

Test it out first. Just like everything (and I mean EVERYTHING), there is no one-size-fits-all or one reaction for every kid. This blend helps my oldest son Christopher focus and concentrate during the school day, but I can’t use it on him at night or he won’t go to sleep (his mind is too focused on whatever he’s thinking about). His brother, on the other hand, was taking a nap in the outfield when I put it on him for baseball so that he would calm down and pay attention to the coach. I can put it on him in the evening without a problem.

Calm Those Nerves

Tests, presentations, waking up late – all these things can really increase anxiety. And the kids get nervous too ūüėČ Some great ways to reduce stress – yoga, meditation, and¬†Valor¬†essential oil. Valor is great for increasing confidence and calming tension and helping all of us face the day.

I use diluted with a roller top and roll on the back of the kids’ necks before school (or game or recital), rub it on my own wrists, and diffuse it in an essential oil diffuser. Valor has been a game changer for us (which is probably one of the reasons it sells out so fast). It is definitely one of my favorite essential oils for the school year.

Germy Germs And More Germs

Kids = germs and the school year increases them like a billion-fold.  Luckily, Thieves essential oil is an awesome germ fighter. It comes in a variety of products like hand soap, hand purifier, and household cleaner but I like to make my own Thieves spray. I just put about 15 drops in a 2 oz. colored glass spray bottle, add a teaspoon of witch hazel and fill the rest of the bottle up with distilled or filtered water. I carry it with me and spray surfaces, backpacks, yoga mats, and everything else.

The (condensed) legend of Thieves oil is that it is the blend of oils a bunch of thieves were using to stay healthy while robbing bodies of jewelry and such during the Black Plague and, when caught, they traded the recipe for their lives. I don’t know if it’s true, but I do know that Thieves is a safe nontoxic way to help rid your home, family, and stuff of all the germy germs the kids will be bringing home

Diffuse Diffuse Diffuse!

My essential oil diffuser is usually running full-time during the school year. In addition to making your home smell great (without harmful toxins), diffusing disperses all the benefits of the oils into the air as a fine vapor throughout your home. It is a great way to boost your immune system, detoxify the air, improve mood, increase energy, and promote relaxation. I have one downstairs, one in each bedroom, and a travel diffuser!

In the morning, try an uplifting mix of Peppermint essential oil and Lemon essential oil to improve mood and increase energy. During homework time, an oil that promotes attention can work wonders. Try a mix of Lemon essential oil and Rosemary essential oil, which together can help with concentration and performance. At bedtime, try a relaxing oil like Lavender or a blend like Peace & Calming to promote a calm, restful sleep.

Rest And Relax

Sometimes all that focus and activity during the day can be hard to let go of at night. The last thing you want is a hundred trips upstairs getting water, checking for monsters, and answering endless questions designed to stall. Use essential oils that promote rest and relaxation, like Lavender, at bedtime.

We already talked about how awesome Lavender is – in fact, it is one of the most versatile oils there is. Of course, anything that puts a child to sleep is going to be a favorite regardless. Put a few drops in the evening bath – the best way to do this is to add a few drops to a cup of Epsom salt (which is great for a bath as well) and then toss it in the tub. This way the oil won’t sit on top of the water. You can also add a few drops of Lavender oil to a spray bottle with some water and spray your child’s (or your) pillow. Or diffuse in the bedroom. Or do all of these – we need these kids to sleep!!!

It’s Going To Be A Great Year!

It’s the perfect time to learn more about getting started with essential oils! Hang in there as you get used to the school year schedule, and these essential oils can really help! If you are already an oil user, please share your favorite essential oils for the school year in the comments.

Cut yourself a break as you get in your groove – diffuse some of your favorite oils and if you have a glass of wine to unwind that’s okay too, Super Woman.

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