Hey there! It’s been a really long time, so…

Happy Belated New Year!

Ah, the New Year – time for the new, best you doing everything you ever dreamed of and kicking all of your bad habits and finally living the best life ev-ah! So, how’s that working out for everyone?

Maybe, like me, your life is still filled with the same problems and dilemmas and other shit. While I don’t in general put too much stock in “New Year’s Resolutions” – I find more value in constantly making small changes to better myself – I did have some things I wanted to get done. I did have some new things I wanted to put in place.

But with the holiday and (I live in the Northeast) the snow and the kids being home Every. Damn. Day., I just haven’t been able to get much done. It seems to me like having the new year in January is just an automatic setup for failure. So far 2018 is already kicking my ass. It feels like that book, “Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day”  (one of my favorites as a child) combine with the movie “Groundhog Day.”

Here is an example:

Sometime last week, my kids were actually all in school and I had big plans – like for laundry and taking down Christmas stuff and prepping dinner for the week and other exciting adventures. But then my son’s school called because he had pink eye. Yay! This is my son who has autism, so that meant he would need supervision the rest of the day and that he couldn’t go to his evening ABA therapy.

So, I got my coat on to leave and realized that there was poop on it. Because earlier the dog pooped and then got into the bag of poop and then we had to clean up again. And somehow I missed that poop got on my coat hanging nearby – awesome. So I threw my coat in the wash and headed out without a coat (did I mention that it was freezing out?).

When I got home, the washing machine was overflowing, so I threw my son in the bathtub while I dealt with that. When I finished mopping up, I found that my son had pooped in the tub. So, lots of poop that day. There’s so much poop in my life! You can imagine the rest – getting him out, moving the poop to the toilet, cleaning the tub and bathroom, re-bathing my son, washing the towels…. wait, the washing machine.

I can’t move a washing machine filled with water. I had to borrow a hose from my neighbor that was long enough to reach the bathtub. Then there was siphoning it (ew!) – I was afraid of getting spiders in my mouth, but since it’s so cold ice cubes came out, which was a weird surprise. Anyway, you get the idea. It was kind of a pain-in-the-ass day. My to-do list did not get done.

Mama Said…

I know that everyone has days like these and that this is all really minor stuff. I appreciate that many people are going through very serious things in their lives. And I have many joys and blessings in my life. That being said, days like these and January in general make me want to hide in the attic with gallons of wine until the first signs of spring.

I had a few moments where I was rethinking everything. I do that sometimes (like last year when I quit my job and became a yoga teacher). It is time for me to renew this website and I thought about just giving up this blog and this brand because I don’t think anyone reads it and I didn’t want it to become just another thing on my to-to-list. {Note: If you actually do read this, please take a moment and leave a comment below to let me know. Yes, I am blatantly admitting that I could use some encouragement!} But, I decided I wasn’t quite ready give it up yet, even if I’m not writing as frequently or expressing myself as eloquently or delivering as much awesomeness as I’d like to. So you, my 4 readers, are stuck with me for a little longer.

Are You Still Reading?

There is a point to this besides just a rant, I promise. I can’t really help you get rid of the shit in your life. But I can offer some wisdom on thriving despite it, and I can help you focus on moving forward through it. So, turn away from the shit and read on…

Acknowledge Your Shit

It is important to remember that there is no specific time to start implementing the things you want in your life. The New Year doesn’t matter. To quote George Michael (oh yes, I did), “Like you say the magic numbers then just say goodbye to the stupid mistakes you made.” Just because you’ve decided to implement your goals and live with a certain purpose doesn’t mean all the shit around you is going to disappear. The shit did not get the memo. We need to acknowledge that and not use it as an excuse to give up. This is especially important to remember on the days when you are, you know, holding an actual shit.

Make Time For Your Shit

This is an important lesson that I learned in the business world. A carefully planned day could easily be ruined by a last-minute meeting, a long phone call, a disgruntled person. As you plan your day, allow yourself twice the time you think you need to complete something. Then add in a few half hour buffers here and there. This will usually cover any unexpected shit that comes up. And if nothing comes up (does that ever happen?), you have some added time that you can take for yourself.

Remember That Everyone Has Shit

There are a few “woe-is-me” people who post every little problem on social media (we all know that person), but the majority of us are managing our struggles with little fanfare. Because of this, it’s easy to forget that EVERYONE is going through some shit. We get so caught up in our own shit that we often have little patience for those who seem to be adding to our pile (of shit). Remember that they have their own shit too and treat them with patience and kindness. Note: this is a lot easier if you’ve built in that extra time.

Embrace Your Shit

Okay, that heading sounds terrible. But remember that there is always going to be something going on in your life. Don’t put off the things you want to accomplish until it’s gone – because it’s not going to be. Not ever. At the very best it will be replaced with new, different shit. So, embrace it as part of your life and move forward with your goals and your purpose. And even if you are going slower than you hoped or taking steps back, keep moving forward.

It’s okay if you are, like me, a little late getting started on what you hoped to accomplish this year. Don’t give up. Get going!


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